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Hi there, bom dia, I am Crescent - Owner of Crescent Divination. My job is to give you the tools you need to succeed. If you are someone who wants to take charge of their own life, wants guidance to be their own hero, and is ready to completely believe in yourself, I am your person! My products focus on encouraging and empowering you. I am a believer you are fully capable of anything you put your mind to, my products just give you that magical and spiritual boost!

I purchased the chakra oil kit, the Clear the Air oil and the Universal Abundance oil, as well as several readings. The oils work. Period. Full stop. When I use Clear the Air, I instantly feel my body reset. I can feel the energy moving all around my body as it gets back into alignment with the chakra oils. Crescent’s readings have always been accurate and in depth.


I love [my oils]! So does my coworker. She had so much anxiety today.. she used mine and automatically felt a sense of calm. She looked at me and said "Please order them!"


I love [them]! I like the spray the best because it is so easy to use!


Wow they smell nice

My sister's friend, kinda

I purchased the "DOMUM BENEFICIUM" Home Blessing Candle from Crescent because my family and I were experiencing some unsettling energy in our home. Whenever the candle arrived, it was packaged beautifully + had a hand written note with it! I could instantly feel the positive energy Crescent had put into it & the day I performed my cleansing ritual with this candle, the entire energy of our home shifted. Since then, we have not had any weird or unsettling experiences in the house & we feel completely safe and comfortable again! 10/10 would recommend!